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 I know that you have placed your order in life, which is good. To ensure that you obtain your desired order, be patient, prayerful, positive, persistent and courageous.

 Why do you think God should give you another month?
 What do you want it for?

 Focus on essentials and leave the non-essentials. Your life dream is an essential. Television is not an essential.
 List what you want the month for, and when God gives it to you, you can use that time to accomplish the purpose.

 To know more about you, look around you.

 Competence breeds confidence, so always prepare before and action.

 The fact that I do not see something does not mean the thing does not exist. To see some things require faith, skills and instruments.

To live and keep on succeeding, we need to be lively.

 The truth that sets free are those that we hate and dislike.

 If a man looses his value, that man is worthless, and deserves not to be on earth.

 Competence breeds confidence, so always prepare before and action.

 The fact that I do not see something does not mean the thing does not exist. To see some things require faith, skills and instruments.

Knowing what we are strong at in life is the beginning of greatness in life.

 To be great, you must be very strong.

To convince yourself, you must talk to yourself in a persuasive way.

 Hearing the word of God daily is convincing you for God and good.

The more we know and become wiser, the lesser our time is becoming. We do not need to know all or become the most wisest to achieve great things in life. Let’s take greater leaps using what we have in hand.

 We can decide to abandon our dreams, but our dreams will never abandon us.

 Make required changes always. Else circumstances may push you to make bad decisions in the wrong time.

 When we do that which we are supposed and ought to do, we will have great relief; if not we will have lots of stress.

 You can never ascertain the worth or value of something till you take your time to know the thing.

 The greatest lie is to lie to myself; and to do that is great foolishness.

The best ways to sowing and reaping is to remain positive, patience, prayerful and persistent.

 To build an empire, it is always good to focus on the good materials, not those that are bad or go wrong. In farming, we do weed weeds; in relationship we need to see the good side of our partner, and in our jobs, we need to focus on the bright side. These can help us to persist and become winners. The opposite will lead to the other side.

 Persistence is the best way for persuading the universe to give you way into the future.

 If all around you is negative, do your best not to look at the negative; instead, focus on the better future you have in your mind.

 The background philosophy (aware or unaware) of those that wants all things for free is; others own them a living.

 Selfish attitudes often lead to disaster.

 To be wealthy in all, without being wealthy in spirit and character is foolishness.

 Progress without a pain indicates there is a laid platform.

 Learning the good ways of life and threading on those ways leads to better life.

 The best keys to connecting with people are willingness and selflessness.

 To be better in life will require us to beat down our limiting barriers.

 The greatest poisons and the fertilizers of our lives is our past.

Any person that believes in only what he sees cannot be said to be a great person.

 Greatness in life comes through action, not words.

 Passion is one of the keys to commitment and responsibility.

Having envy or jealousy towards someone does not bring any gain, but hurt. It does not make me to own the property of the person i envy or jealous.

 Without patience, it is very easy to refuse to persist on our dreams.

 Without people, no place or thing will ever be lively.

 If the road is not clear, no one will like to travel on it. The same thing is with vision. If your vision is not clear, you will not trust it not dare go on to achieve the vision.

 In life, always follow the narrow way---where the few are.

 If you can irritate the future with your purpose, the future will give you way to be fulfilled in life.

 Travelling a road that you do not know the end can lead to disaster.

 Time that does not profits our purpose is a wasted time.

 To predict most outcomes only require common sense.

 The truth is, nature does pay us for our actions. So, what are our actions?

 Knowledge boosts imagination, so increase your knowledge and your imagination will grow.

To depend on salary is to limit yourself, however, to depend on profits and investments is increase abundance.

 Success does knock on our days daily. The reason why many miss it is because they do not have the drive to pay the price for it.

 To be your best in life, you must accept and love yourself.

 To achieve greatness we must focus on essentials.

 If you choose to imitate someone or be like him or her, you will miss your purpose.


                                    Stretch yourself

One of the keys to success is to constantly stretch ourselves. Not willing to stretch ourselves leads to lack.

People who want knowledge do stretch their minds to obtain knowledge by learning and thinking. People who are into sports do daily stretch their bodies by exercising them to make them strong. The truth is, the best way to obtaining the best from anything is to stretch the thing. For example, if you want gold to shine, you need to polish it, if you want to your car to speed up, you need to press on the accelerator and make sure that it is in the right gear.

When we were in school, we did examinations upon examinations. The purposes of the examinations were to stretch us to think and bring out what are in our brains.

Stretching is what moves us beyond the status quo into different horizons. In fact, not stretching will make us to live in our comforting zones and achieve nothing—this is dangerous. Think about a bird that has feathers, but never used the feathers to fly—waste.

In order not to end up wasting our talents and precious gifts, we need to constantly stretch ourselves everyday. It is the key to obtaining the best and maximising our potentials. For example, if we are used to achieving 5 goals a day, we need to increase them to ten. At least, if we are not able to arrive at ten and we land at eight that is good—we can grow from there.

To stretch is to sow in tears. The truth is, the Holy Scriptures cannot be broken (John 10 vs. 35); those that sow in tears shall reap in joy (Psalm 126 vs. 5). Keep stretching if you want the best juice out of life.

Monkeys are animals that live on trees in the forest. To move from one tree to the other, what they do is, they do stretch themselves and jump. Similarly, if you are climbing a ladder, without stretching your body, you cannot move on to the next level. Stretching is part of the game, if we want to go higher, we need to remember this.

Besides the above, what I want to remind you is, if you want to stretch to higher grounds you will experience some bruises—it is normal. It is like someone standing by fire to cook—the person will feel some heat. What I want to say is stretching to succeed has some inconveniences. However, what we ought to remember is, the joys outweigh the inconveniences; so, the inconvenience should not stop us from stretching and get what we want.


                           Don’t trade costly things for nothing

Trading costly things for a lesser price or for nothing is a sad thing. Many people often trade their salvation for nothing without ever thinking deep.

Recently, I listened to a message from one of my favourite African preachers (Dr Mensah Otabil). In the message, he talked about a woman who bought things at a higher price and traded them for less, and was not able to know why she was at loss.

As I listened to the message, I began to laugh, but within me I was tears. The truth is, very many people do make similar mistakes in life every day without knowing it.  Think about the people you know who have great potentials but are trading their potentials out there for peanuts. Think about the people who have entrepreneurship skills, and are supposed to be having their companies, but have allowed their circumstances to land them into jobs they hate.

The truth is, if you earn less after putting in much or more, it implies that something is wrong. Look, a good trade is a fair trade. In such a situation, there is no cheating. Dear, trading precious things for nothing or something less is unjust. But, lots of people do it everyday. My continent Africa does this everyday—they trade their precious things for pennies every time—is this trading?

My dear, life is like trading. We do exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide; we do exchange smiles. If you give someone a smile and the person returns to you with frowning, you need to be wise. Look, I cannot trade my carbon dioxide for carbon mono oxide; I cannot trade my health for sickness; so, having this in mind makes me to be very careful.

We are all negotiating and trading. Whatever we are doing is a form of trading, and before we trade anything of ours, we need to first ask if the thing we are trading our treasure for is worth and valuable—all shiny things are not gold and diamond. What i mean is, trading constantly to loose is not a good trading. If you experience such, the best thing to do is to advice yourself. In your trading, it is always better to trade with those who believe in win-win and not those who believe in hit-and-run.

People who believe in hit and run are not faithful people. They are manipulators and exploiters. Such people will never think good of you or see good in you. Should they see any good in you, they will do whatever to take away that good from you. To me, such are toxic and destroyers. The question is, should I stay closer to toxic people? My answer is vehement, no.

The man Abraham did walk with his nephew Lot for years. However, at as point, the old man saw the relationship to be intoxicating and sour—fights every time between their servants. As a man of peace, he called Lot and told him that they need to share what God has given to them and part, to enable peace flow. They did, and that ended the constant quarrels.

You see Abraham was a man of God. As a man of God he wanted peace and not pieces. This made him to take the right decision—he was not willing to trade his peace for pieces.

My question is, what are your values and treasure? Beware of them, know them, and trade them for good things. Do not compromise or trade your precious treasure for nothing. The truth is, to do that is to march your treasure under your feet. Also, don’t trade your talents, wisdom, knowledge and potentials for nothing. Trade them for good and great things with all commitment, and you will soon enjoy.




                         Don’t ever accept society’s definition of you

One thing about some people is they will try to define you the moment they see you. The truth is, nobody can define you, because we are beings, not beens—we are on the street of becoming—what we become will depend on our choices.

Over the years, I have learnt not to define myself by my failures and mistakes or allow someone to define me. The truth is, accepting most of these definitions can end us to become mediocre.

Look, one truth that I know is, even I myself have no idea of who I will become tomorrow. So, this makes me to constantly move on, though I do fail in many areas. The only person that can define us is the one that knows us better than ourselves—God. God’s definition alone is the right definition (Genesis 1 vs. 26).

To accept people’s definition of you is to accept deceit. In fact, the greatest liars that I have come to know are the mass. Look, the fact that somebody knows my mum, dad, when I was born and where I was born does not mean that the person knows me very well. Such knowledge is a tiny fraction of me. When the Lord Jesus Christ was on the earth, very many people gave their definitions of Him. However, most of the definitions were wrong. Only a few had a glimpse of who He is. For example, the definition that Apostle Peter gave in Matthew 16 was correct.

There is something about you that you may not be aware of. That is, inside you are treasures that are more than the treasure you can find in or on the earth. Think about the buildings, cars, technologies and etc that you see—they are came from the inside of human beings. The surprising truth is, we can mine all the gold within the earth, but we cannot finish mining what is in your mind till you die.

This makes me to remember a story about an elephant and a hen. One day, an argument rose among them. It was about who eats the most out of the two. When the two saw that, the argument was not ending, they decided to prove. The next day, they went and ate, and ate and came home. Whilst they were relaxing at home, the hen saw an insect passing and it caught it and ate. The elephant, asked; “but hen, upon all these food we ate today, are you not ok?”

The hen responded to the elephant and said; “but, I told you that I can eat more than you.” The elephant agreed that the hen is the greatest eater.

What I want to say is, though we are small as compared to the earth, we are awesome because of this brain in us. Inside it,  is the ability to create, multiply, dominate and do wonders. So, never under rate yourself or allow fear or the past to hinder you from acting.

You are awesome and loaded with the potentials of the Omnipotent and Mighty—so inside you are might and great potentials, because every child looks like the parent in many ways.  So, please, do not accept people’s definition of you. To accept such definitions is to live a limited and unfulfilled life.

Look, people live according to their understanding. If a person’s understanding is narrow, so will the person live. So, if you accept any narrow minded person’s definition of you, you will end up living a part of you, not the full you. Such living is like living in a pit instead of living in glory.

You see, my personal notice in life is this: there are lots of wrong definitions in life, but people have accepted such definitions. Now, if lots of definitions are wrong, it implies that people can define you wrongly. Now, if you accept such a definition, what it will do is, it will become a belief and finally control your life. So, my suggestion is, refuse many of the definitions people have given to you and accept that of Gods’ that you can find in the bible and you will move from greatness to greatness. This is a song, I framed many years ago, read it before we continue please.

What God has said about me

Is what am thinking about

Not what they say

Not what they think

Am beyond any wildest human imagination

Only God, only God knows my end from the beginning.


My dear, how awesome we are is incomparable to the stars, sun, moon and the angels (that is why angels minister to us). The creations of God around us are our servants. They were created to help us accomplish our ultimate purpose in life. Have you seen the reason why we need to serve God and glorify Him, through Jesus at his footstool (on earth)?

Many years ago as the bible told us, the angel of God came to Gideon to tell him an assignment God has for him. Gideon saw himself little by looking at his past. But, the angel of God told him to go in the might he has. In fact, Gideon went and made it greatly. What I mean to say is, you are also awesome, so go in this might without fearing your past or the future, because you have greatness in you to do that which you are supposed to do. Kindly look at the following scriptures and let it dwell in you richly. Amen.


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